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I get a lot of questions about what I do to take care of my skin. So here is the drill! First, there are some fundamental rules that you probably have heard before but here they go again! One: get your sleep, even during stressful times make sure to get those hours in. Not only does it fuel you with energy it also keeps your skin at it’s best. Second: drink water, hydrate! Third: exercise, it keeps the blood pumping giving you that glow and helps the body to get rid of toxins that have bad impact on your skin. And of course: use good skin care! I try to keep my products as free of chemicals as possible and with Cicamed I get just that. I have three favorites I call my skin heroes! I easily get puffy eyes, this eye cream is one of the few creams that keeps the puff away. And trust me I’ve tried plenty of eye creams, this one is bomb! One more plus is that it helps keep my concealer in the same place trough the day. Now to the serum, I use the serum before I apply my day cream, it keeps my skin hydrated and makes it feel energized.  But the true super hero is the intense repair facial oil, living in Sweden come winter and my skin goes in to dry mood. The oil keeps that condition under control. I use it at night before my night cream but on extra cold days I apply it instead of the serum. So these are my go to tips for getting your best skin 🙂

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