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Like overtime it comes around I’m so freaking happy it’s the weekend! We took these pics last weekend in the amazing apartment we rbnb rented in Copenhagen for Fashion Week. But my outfit is pretty much going to look like this today. If you follow me instagram you know that I recently got this shirt and I feel like it’s one of those items that I will wear again again and again…. It’s a good thing though, I like to find pieces that goes with pretty much everything in my closet. If you have paid attention I’m going through a ”shirt phase” (just look back in the blog or IG), all I want to do is wear and buy shirts. I was just looking at this one that actually is a hybrid of a shirt. I’ll bet you’ll se it in a post on the near futre. Now I’m off to brunch, later!

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  • november 30, -0001

    Looks cozy! Good morning and have a wonderful weekend!

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