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It’s finally Friday! When I have plans right after work I sometimes find it hard to know what to wear in order to easily transition in to the evening plans. But I think I managed with this outfit! White shirts always work and you can dress it both up and down. Adding a shimmery skirt and silver metallic shoes to the mix and I am ready to go! And lately I’ve been into wearing gold, I recently got these earrings at H&M that I’m obsessed with and the neckless I got from sister P. I think it adds something extra to an outfit and brings out some character and personality.

I’m wearing;

Sunglasses: Stella Maccartney
Shirt: Monki
Necless: Syster P
Skirt&Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Zara

The photos were taken and edited by Sara Che.

Happy Friday!!!

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