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I love this look and chilling in the sun. But the outfit is not what this post will be about! I took a break from the blog a couple of days, to find energy and inspiration. On my ”break” I was going trough the blog and I noticed that I do not share much about my self so I intend to start doing so! So here is goes, I guess you can call it a short bio! Let’s start from the beginning! I’m from this dope city in Sweden called Gothenburg, I grew there there with a dream of moving to the States and getting a job in fashion. So when I turned twenty I made it happen, I moved to a city right outside of San Fransisco to go to business school. I was fun and I learned a lot about my self, from the eduction and from the people in the great state California. But as much as much as I like it I also hated it too, I felt alone a lot and being away from my family was hard. But when I set my mind to something I have finish it so I ended un staying for four years and got my self a business degree! Wooop! When I was done it was time to move back, I got a job to work in PR and Marketing at a company called Twist&Tango in my home town and I ended up there for three years. I learn so much from that place!, it’s a smaller business that is really hands on. Today I live in Stockholm and work as a blogger/influencer and a merchandiser at H&M online and I loooove it! I’m also a member of a DJ collective that is called Crew Crew we throw parties at clubs in Stockholm, we always play hip hop and afro beats. So if you ever wanna come thu, hoooolla! So this will end it, a short quick version of my life, there is of course so much more and there will be more to come!

I’m wearing;
Suede Jacket & Denim: H&M
Sunglasses: River Island
Slippers: Gucci

Photo and editing: Sara Che

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