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Contrary for the titel I’m not feeling blue at all, I’m super happy because I’m going to Paris on Wednesday, wooop! If you guys have tips on what do when in Paris, please hit me up! I’ve been there 3 times before with work and when I was really little. So I’ve never really explored the city. Okay so this outfit, I looove this blue faux fur! I got it during Stockholm Fashion week. I really believe that clothes can change a lot about your mood and how you feel about your self. I mean wearing a blue fur definitely affects my mood in good way and I love the reactions people have on the street when they spot my fur. I becomes a conversion piece. I usually have it on display in my apartment and when ever people vist me they end up wearing the fur. And how nice that it? That an accessory can affect moods and open up conversations with people. I’m all about that!

I’m wearing;
Sunglasses; Acne
Shirt; Acne
Denim; Weekday
Leather Jacket & Shoes; H&M

Photo; Sara Che

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