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Hi, I want to start of saying sorry for the absence lately!I’ve been up to some exciting stuff during but from now on I’m backon track with the post! One of the things that’s taken up my time is that I’ve finally got my own apartment in Stockholm! Wooop! I moved up to Stockholm abouttwo and half years ago and when I left my home town Gothenburg I also sold all my furniture. So I’m basically starting off from scratch with decorating my new place. It’s fun and it’s nice to start off fresh, but it also takes time! A post with some pics of my new place will come up later! I’ve also been working on a fun project that I hope I will be able to share this fall.

For this photo I was working with photographer Jennifer Rydell. Check out her site here, I like her vibe!!

Make Up; ​Sabina Höglund

I’m wearing;
​Shirt; Weekday
Jewelry; WOS Store

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