Lodon Fashion Week, man it was so much fun! It started on Friday but I joined in Saturday and Sunday. This was my firts look, I went for comfort and contrasts. My Sunday look will be coming up soon!

I’m wearing;

West: H&M Studio

Shirt&Trousers: Monki

Bag&Shoes: &otherstories

Photo: David Nyanzi

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​I just came home from London Fashion week last night. It was a blast and I feel like I just took a breath of fresh air! The Lodon Fashion scene is more open for creativity and taking risks than the Scandinavian Fashion scene. The street style is much more bold and the runways have more color and prints. I definitely feel more inspired to experiment with my style after this weekend. More pictures of my outfits and shows are coming up soon!

Earrings: Zara

Coat: H&M Trend

Photo: Fetishforfinefabrics

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Heey and Happy Friday! Last day off work and later tonight I’m off to London for Fashion Week! Looking forward to it!! Spent all last night packing and I noticed that I have been buying a lot of metallic lately, especially silver. I have silver shoes, bags and even pants. My suit case looked like a little spaceship with all that silver lying around. But more about silver and London Fashion Week during the weekend! So, I recently got this denim dress that has become a favorite lately! During Stockholm Fashion Week I wore it with a blue shirt under and the other day I wore it with this pink knitted top. I feel like it’s one of them all year around items, I can see my self wearing it with a t-shirt and sneakers around summer time.  So definitely a winner! 

I’m wearing:

Knitted top & Denim Dress: H&M

Trousers: Monki

Shoes: Jennie Ellen

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Var förbi Stylein butik häromdagen och massa fint från deras vårkollektion! Bland annat ett vitt kostym-settet, så nice våroutfit! Visste ni att deras popup butik nu är en stående butik in på Sturegallerian? Hur bra? Kika förbi! 

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Stockholm and Copenhagen Fashion week is a week behind me now! But soon I’m off to London Fashion Week, I’m super excited about that! Wooop! There will definitely will be loads of pics from the Fashion Week and you can also follow me on snapchat; tahiramusic to see what goes on in the Fashion cirkus scene. These pics were taken on the very last day of Copenhagen Fashion Week. It was great experiencing the whole week with my friend Sara Che. And you guys how cute is she?

Sara is wearing:

Coat/Top: H&M

Bag: Proenza Schouler

Shoes: Stella Mccartney

I’m wearing

Hat/Denim: H&M

Coat: Acne

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Jennie Ellen

Photo: David Nyanzi

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Like overtime it comes around I’m so freaking happy it’s the weekend! We took these pics last weekend in the amazing apartment we rbnb rented in Copenhagen for Fashion Week. But my outfit is pretty much going to look like this today. If you follow me instagram you know that I recently got this shirt and I feel like it’s one of those items that I will wear again again and again…. It’s a good thing though, I like to find pieces that goes with pretty much everything in my closet. If you have paid attention I’m going through a ”shirt phase” (just look back in the blog or IG), all I want to do is wear and buy shirts. I was just looking at this one that actually is a hybrid of a shirt. I’ll bet you’ll se it in a post on the near futre. Now I’m off to brunch, later!

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