One of the true blessings in life is having great friends, I know it’s cliché but honestly truly brilliant friends is everything. One of my dear friends Ala Hojat takes magical photos, has a interesting mind and has her own way of expression. She is working on an interesting project called ”Faces of Stockholm” that represents the diversity of Stockholm and illustrates that Stockholm just like any other urban city is a melting pot. Ala salute to you!

Photo: Ala Hojat

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Strolling around town in one of my favorite silver trousers today! It was a hella productive day! Me and my parter in crime Emely picked up some clothes for some styling of a upcoming artist, that we just started working with. Her name is Lucia and trust me, you are going to see much more of her! 

I’m wearing;
Jacket & hoodie: H&M
Silver trousers: Monki
Shoes: Vans

Pick by: Emely Ramos Unden 

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